AWS — how to get started

Where to start?

As a first step I would recommend to go through the free digital course called AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials which is one day (6 hours) course where you will gain an overall understanding of AWS Cloud. It describes basic concepts of AWS architecture like regions, availability zones. It covers key services and common use cases, explaining billing, security, etc.

How to get oriented on AWS web portal?

AWS web page is divided into many smaller parts and good starting point is getting started resource center where are placed tutorials, trainings, white papers, etc. Resources could be filtered per many categories like type of the content (video, hands-on) or by use case — Databases, Big data and Analytics , Serverless, etc.

10-Minute Tutorials

For getting basic overview about particular service are good short tutorials which explaining the basic concepts of that service. For example how to Launch a Linux Virtual Machine (EC2). Please find here all available 10 minutes tutorials.

Getting started projects

Getting started resource center also offers real projects where you will build some complete solution with step by step guidance. By this way you can get an overview what kind of workload is needed to run something on AWS.

Lot of new terms, shortcuts — how to get the meaning?

You might have feeling that there is a lot of new terms like EC2, EMR, IAM and many others, but what does it mean? AWS has Glossary where each term/shortcut is explained and it offers also link to page with more details.

How to try the AWS for free

AWS offers “Free Tier” where you have a possibility to try some services for free. Something is free for all time, something is free for 12 months since account creation and something has trial period. More details could be found on AWS Free Tier page.

Don’t invent the wheel again, get inspired by AWS Quick starts

AWS offers packages called quick start which are built by AWS solutions architects to help you deploy popular technologies on AWS. You can try to search the catalog if there is something what suits your needs. Each quick start contain AWS CloudFormation template which could be modified to better serve your needs. More details on AWS Quick Starts page.

Training portal

AWS offers different types of trainings. A lot of them are free and offers valuable information about certain topic. Trainings could in-class or on-line. Divided by domain, roles, skill levels, language, etc. There is different content like basic e-learning, videos or standalone courses for couple of days.
Please go to training portal for more details.


AWS offers different types of certifications and “learning paths”. As a base level of certification there is certification called Cloud Practitioner which is saying you are familiar with basic AWS concepts, understand the architecture, billing, security, etc.

AWS certifications

Data related content

As I mentioned on the beginning I am data developer so I am looking for content which is related to data. Below you can find more links related to data use cases and things which has seemed to be interesting for me.

And much more …

Definitely this is not fully comprehensive list of all valuable information which AWS offers for studying purposes. But I hope it can help you get oriented in AWS world and get some basic knowledge about AWS concepts, key technologies. Then it should be much easier for you to find exactly that course/training which you need.



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Tomáš Sobotík

Tomáš Sobotík


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